Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Body Back Journey by Libby

Saturday 9/24 4pm

Today was the first workout and it was difficult but felt so good! It was nice to be outside on the lakefront. I am not a runner so running from station to station was another challenge for me but I did 90% of it and was really proud of myself! I honestly wasn’t sure I would make it through the class but when I did, I realized I could do this and really needed too. I have already started incorporating some of the new recipes in my diet.  I was exhausted all day but a good exhausted! I can already tell a difference from the 2 classes I took. Bring on some more!
Sunday 9/25/11
I woke up feeling like a new person today. Granted I went to bed at 7:30 right after I put my daughter to bed but I feel amazing! I haven’t felt like this in months. It’s amazing how watching what you eat and a little exercise can do. I can tell a difference in my energy. If I can continue this for the next 7 weeks, I can only imagine where I’ll be at the end. It feels really good…

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