Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stroller Strides Get Fit Challenge!

Do you have some personal fitness goals for 2009? ~ Do you need a little 'extra' motivation/incentive? ~ Would you like a little (healthy) competition?

Join Stroller Strides®’ National "Get Fit Challenge"!

This will be a 3 month long FREE challenge February 15th - May 16th to see what changes you can make in your life to create a healthier, stronger, leaner you! Just think, you've already got the exercise part down (you may just need to step it up a notch or two at class) so now you just need to add in the proper eating habits. The best part is that you will have your fellow Stroller Striders encouraging you along the way so you are sure to succeed! The person who loses the most % of body fat points will be our "Get Fit Challenge Winner".

Are you up for it?

Email Jackie Dorris NO LATER than Friday, February 6th at to sign up. Once we have a final count of participants, we will send out a sign-up for the Hydrostatic testing. Testing will be done on Thursday, February 12th beginning at 10:30 am at the Windy City Fieldhouse.

What is Hydrostatic body fat testing? (“Dunking”)
Hydrostatic body fat testing is the most accurate and reliable method of determining your body composition. By weighing you on the scale and underwater while taking your height, age, bone structure, gender and the water temperature into account we can accurately determine your percentage of body fat and lean mass. This degree of accuracy will give you the best and most complete information regarding your body and what it requires to lose fat and/or build muscle.

SUPPORT IS PARAMOUNT! Start telling your family and friends that this is something you are doing and that you need their support. Maybe your husband even wants to jump aboard the healthy lifestyle train with you? Make your health a priority…your family is counting on you!

SET UP AND VERBALIZE REALISTIC GOALS: Where would you like to see yourself in 3 months? This goal is different for everyone. We all have very different body types and everyone has a comfortable zone that they should be at. Know what that is for you and make it a healthy, reachable goal.

THE WINNERS will be the persons who lose the most % of body fat points. This makes it fair for ALL body types, sizes and shapes to compete against each other in this challenge. PLEASE make sure you understand this.

Person 1 starts out at 40% fat, and drops down to 30%, they've lost 10% fat,
but only 25% of their total body fat percentage.
This is how it is figured..... (.10 divided by .40 = .25)

Person 2 starts out at 20% fat, and drops down to 10%, they've lost 10% fat,
BUT 50% of their total body fat percentage
This is how it is figured..... (.10 divided by .20 = .50)
Person 2 would be the winner.

THE COST for the challenge is $60.00 total per person (paid to Body Fat Test) for 2 body composition tests (one before the challenge & one after). Everything else is completely FREE!

SELF MOTIVATION: We will take care of giving you fantastic workouts at your Stroller Strides classes but the self motivating part comes with your eating. You are on your own here because we are all so different and our likes and dislikes vary, you need to know what works best for you. We will give you healthy recipe ideas and suggestions every week for the duration of the challenge. Remember, this is NOT A DIET but a lifestyle change that you commit to making to see results.

YOU AND STROLLER STRIDES AS A TEAM: You may NOT hire a trainer to help you during this challenge. You can attend Stroller Strides classes as much as you want and work out on your own as much as you want aside from classes at home or at a gym if you wish. You must be a current Stroller Strides member, instructor or playgroup captain to enter the challenge.

*NOTE: Before embarking on any fitness program, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician. Stroller Strides does not guarantee any specific results with this challenge. You must be at least 6 weeks postpartum to participate in the Challenge. Pregnant moms are not able to participate.

If you are interested, please email Jackie Dorris at for a registration form. Registration is due on Friday, February 6th.