Monday, October 3, 2011

My Body Back Journey by Libby

Thur 9/22 11 am
Wow, I knew I was out of shape but that was embarrassing! We only did assessments and my body feels like I did a full on workout. I couldn’t  do more than 6 push-ups. I sat there laughing but inside I wanted to cry inside. I dropped out of high-knees after 27 seconds…kind of pathetic!
One of my favorite things about Motherhood is my Mom friends. There is nothing better than talking to them whether you know them or not and knowing someone is living the same thing you are or already has. We started the night sharing why we were there, what our goals were and how we were going to overcome our obstacles. It felt good to be honest and throw it all out on the table. I know I am only going to benefit from these 8 weeks both mentally and physically.
I knew eating was a big part of my problem. I snack a lot and eat way too much sugar! I’m thrilled that the workout/eating journal that Jackie gave us comes with healthy and super easy recipes!

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