Monday, November 28, 2011

My Body Back Journey by Libby

Wednesday 11/2 8pm

I missed class tonight which I was bummed about as it sounded challenging! I guess they did 100 of multiple exercises! I am also missing Saturday’s class so I will have to try and keep myself on track. Tonight I made the Chicken Verde recipe which is one of the recipes in our workout book. I have to say it was super easy to make and delicious and of course healthy! I have a feeling that recipe will be a regular meal in our house.

Sunday 11/6 7pm
We were out of town this weekend so I missed the Saturday class. It’s always difficult when you’re away to watch what you eat especially when you are in the car for a few hours which we were. I felt like I did pretty well and in the back of my mind the reminder of final assessments this week played into helping me control what I ate and drank.

Monday 11/7 9pm
I went to the Monday night class tonight to take “after” pictures. I only see these ladies usually once a week and could tell a difference in each one of them. It gave me motivation for the next two days before it was my turn for assessments, which I was totally dreading! In all honesty, I gave this class about 70%. My 3 month old ended up having surgery in the middle of the 8 weeks and I let things slide a bit.


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