Monday, November 7, 2011

My Body Back Journey By Libby

Thursday 10/27 9am
I missed class last night as my daughter was sick and husband was out. I decided to use my class DVD once the kids went to bed. I would have rather been at class but it was a good substitute! Jackie even found time to text me and tell me what to do workout wise since I missed class. Such a big part of this process for me is the little nudge that Jackie gives me.
Friday 10/28 4pm
Today was a good day for me… pre-maternity jeans fit! They are snug but I got them on and was able to wear them! My son is about to be 4 months so this was a feel good moment for me. I have lost a few pounds but more importantly some amount off my waist and hips to get my size 8 jeans back on! BIG DAY! I am tired of wearing my maternity jeans. If this isn't motivation, I'm not sure what is!
Saturday 10/29 11 am
This was the hardest class yet! Just when you think it might get easier, it gets even harder. The best part is leaving class feeling an immediate difference! Jackie always has the best music. I always look forward to the Sat morning class as it’s such a good focus for the weekend. I think as Mom’s we have so many things to juggle and it’s easy for things to go by the wayside (especially on the weekends)!

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