Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Weather Reminders

It's official!  We've had our first snow fall of the season.  Here are some reminders to help get us through the winter at Stroller Strides!
  • In an effort to keep the floor as dry as possible, if snow is on the ground, please bring a large towel to park your stroller on while the snow melts.
  • We highly recommend wearing snow boots and changing in to your gym shoes once you are inside
  • Don't leave your tubes in the car! Extreme temperature changes can cause your tubes to become brittle and snap. Toss your tubes in your diaper bag instead of your stroller. And remember, tubes aren't toys! Keep them safely away from your little ones when they are in your house.
  • ALLOW EXTRA TIME! It takes extra time to get settled with all of the layers. Be sure to allow yourself at least 5 extra minutes of "settle" time when you get to class- in colder temperatures in particular, the warmup is a crucial part of your workout and we'd hate for you to be running behind and miss it.
  • Class Cancellations- we will only cancel class in the event of EXTREME weather conditions- if in question, call the weather hotline 800.337.0826 an hour before class time for an update, or check our Facebook page.

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